Delightful squares

Many a sewing enthusiast will agree that over the years a lot of little pieces of material, unused buttons, embroidery thread and ribbon accumulate in various places in a hobby room, with the intention of saving them for the next project! It usually looks like this:

Material pieces for cover  Bits and bobs for cover





While going through all my ‘left overs’ during December, I thought it would help to use up some of these items by making a new cover for my sewing machine. I decided to do applique so that I can sew it by hand one block at a time.

I started by measuring the size of the cover, and then cut out various squares from plain white material. I drew some ideas on paper of what each block can look like, and then started cutting out the various smaller pieces for the applique work:

Applique pieces for cover








I just embroidered the edges of each piece of applique, and then added some buttons, ribbon or beads as final embellishments.

Once all the blocks were completed, I sew them together:

Cover panels sewn together








The front and back are mirror images of each other, and I used some floral material for the two sides.

And here is the finished cover, looking delightful in my hobby room:

Sewing machine cover Sewing machine cover top view