Quilted placemats

This is just another idea of what you can do if you have some left over pieces of material that you would like to use somehow.

I cut squares of 11 x 11cm, including a seam allowance of 1cm, and just bought some extra material for the back of the placemats, as well as some thin batting for inside to give the placemats some body. You can make the placemats square, rectangular or even round, whatever you prefer!

Placemat squares







After cutting the squares, arrange them as you would like to use them and then simply sew the squares together. Cut the batting 3cm bigger than the size of the quilted top all around and place both pieces on the material that will be used for the back.

Pin all three layers together to keep everything in place. Cut the back material, right side down, with a seam allowance of 4.5cm, then fold the back material over the batting and turn the edges over. This should then cover the edge of the quilted top material. Sew the edge all around and ensure the edge of the quilted top is nicely tucked in as to not pull loose over time.

Placemat finalised








Sew over the horizontal lines of the top material to bind the three layers.

Your placemat is then ready to be used!

Placemats finalised