‘My hart se punt’ cushions

Nowadays many shops are selling cushions with words or sayings on them. These can be quite expensive, so I decided to take some material I didn’t know what to do with, and make two of these ‘words’ cushions.

I used an Afrikaans description that is quite fitting for bedroom cushions: “Jy is my hart se punt” – which just means that you have a special place in my life! I used satin ribbon which I first sew onto the material, and then used some embroidery thread to add blanket stitches around the edges.

'Hart se punt' cushions


Heart of the home

I find that fairy lights adds a bit of magic to any room or area where they are hanged. There was a spot in our kitchen that needed just a bit extra light, and I decided to make use of an unused string of fairy lights to brighten it up a bit!

By taking some wire and shaping it into the form of a heart, I twirled the string of lights around the wire heart. To hide the green wire, I used some leftover ribbon and wrapped it all around the exposed string. But something was still missing…it needed some colour.

So I made some small flowers out of leftover felt, using a small shiny bead at the centre of each flower, and then glued these onto the fairy light heart. This made quite the difference, and this is what the final product looks like:

Fairylight heart flowers  ???????????????????????????????