Revamped bedside tables

Here is a nice idea of revamping two different bedside tables to create a more uniform look in your own bedroom or guest bedroom. These bedside tables I placed in our guest bedroom.

The one was brown with light brown wicker baskets, and the other was white in some areas and then the bare wood was showing in other areas:

Bedside tables before







I decided to buy pale white and a light brown colour spray paint to update the bedside tables. The wicker baskets and door I wanted to spray with the darker colour, to add a bit of interest to the tables.

It is important to choose an area that is well ventilated before starting, and use enough ground cover sheets as the spray paint will travel during spraying. Those paint ground sheets are quite big and works well.

1. First I removed the door from the one table and the baskets from the other. I also removed the handle from the small door.

2. I prepared the wood by lightly sanding it down, and then used a damp cloth to wipe off all the dust. Clean the baskets with a brush to ensure all the dust is removed.

3. Then I sprayed the tables with the white spray, let them dry a bit and sprayed another coat. I recommend two cans of spray for these size tables.

4. Then I sprayed the door and the baskets with the darker paint, let them dry a bit and sprayed another coat.

5. I have a stencil with a pretty pattern, which I used on the tops of the tables, which added a nice final touch to the tables.

Bedside table top stencilling







5. Once everything was dry, I placed the baskets back and screwed the door on again. I also added a new knob to the door.

This is the final outcome:

Bedside tables finished

Bedside table smallBedside table big



From canvas to inspiration board

There are so many inspiring images of inspiration boards, that I decided to make one for my crafts room to ensure I never run out of ideas! I looked around the house a bit and then thought of using a canvas that we had – which we used until recently as our projector screen – to use for the board.

It is a nice big canvas with plenty of space to add images and inspiring elements. I also used the following:

– Cork board sheets x 3, bought at a local craft shop for R60

– Wood glue

– Various images found on the internet which I printed

– Photo stickers we had left over

– Then the canvas off course, approximately 90cm x 150cm

Canvas and cork for inspiration board







1. I started by cutting the cork sheets to size and then pasting them onto the canvas with the wood glue. Make sure the edges join together tightly to not show the seam. I then let it dry a bit. You can use pins or needles to keep everything in place if you want to, or place books on top.

Inspiration board canvas and cork






2. After cutting out the various images, I started arranging them on the board. Once done, I used those small photo stickers to paste the images onto the cork. Here you have various options of how you can add the images onto the board – you can use double-sided tape, thumbtacks, glue for more permanent items or pins, whatever you prefer.

3. Now you just need to find a space to hang your new inspiration board! Easy as that!

Inspiration board

More soup please…

I received a soup set from my parents which they bought early on after they got married in the 70’s. The colour of the set has faded over the years, so I decided to repaint the set so that I can also use it. The colour I chose was tuscan red, and I just bought paint specifically for ceramics.

Soup set before








After cleaning all the items, I simply painted each one and let it dry for a while. In total I painted three layers, and it has to stand for a couple of days to dry completely, or it can be baked in the oven. Just follow the instructions of the paint you are using.

Soup set during







Now the set is looking new again and ready for the next bowl of soup!

Soup set after

Revamp an old lampshape

Do you have a ‘classic’ lamp and not sure what to do with it? Something like this?

Lamp shade before








Without having to get rid of the lamp, you can refresh the look of the lamp by simply recovering the shade with new material. Something modern that will fit in with the rest of the room. I bought some pretty material and recovered the lamp using only a glue gun.

Lamp shade after








To finish off the edges on the inside nicely, I glued some rafia ribbon onto the edge:

Lamp shade edging inside







As easy as that! Within a short while you will have a brand new lamp!

Flowering fruit bowl

I enjoy browsing through second-hand shops and one day I found a bowl in which I saw instant potential! With some brightly colored mosaic tiles and orange paint  that I already had in the house, this ordinary bowl was turned into a fabulous flowering fruit bowl. A nice and easy way to add some colour. The bowl cost me R15, but with a bit of imagination it looks much better.

Bowl before

Flower bowl


Repurpose an old log as mosaic candleholder

My husband and I were cutting some branches one day, and while we were busy I got the idea to make something pretty and useful for the house with some of these logs. I thought of making a candle holder out of the log, as it was nice and long and would look great as a centrepiece.

So my husband helped, quite innovatively with a drill and drill bit, to make some shallow circles in the log:

Holes drilled into log

I then looked through my box with mosaic tiles, and found a bunch of blue tiles that needed to be used…so I cut them all up to paste onto the log:

Mosaic tiles for the log

I sanded down the log here and there, but kept it quite rough and natural. The three holes I smoothed a bit more, to ensure that the candles will remain level once they are placed in the holes. After preparing the log, the fun part starts! Choose whichever mosaic tiles you want to use, and cover the entire log with it. This is what the end product looks like:

???????????????????????????????         ???????????????????????????????

If you need more advice send me a comment! Try it and post a picture when you are done!