From canvas to inspiration board

There are so many inspiring images of inspiration boards, that I decided to make one for my crafts room to ensure I never run out of ideas! I looked around the house a bit and then thought of using a canvas that we had – which we used until recently as our projector screen – to use for the board.

It is a nice big canvas with plenty of space to add images and inspiring elements. I also used the following:

– Cork board sheets x 3, bought at a local craft shop for R60

– Wood glue

– Various images found on the internet which I printed

– Photo stickers we had left over

– Then the canvas off course, approximately 90cm x 150cm

Canvas and cork for inspiration board







1. I started by cutting the cork sheets to size and then pasting them onto the canvas with the wood glue. Make sure the edges join together tightly to not show the seam. I then let it dry a bit. You can use pins or needles to keep everything in place if you want to, or place books on top.

Inspiration board canvas and cork






2. After cutting out the various images, I started arranging them on the board. Once done, I used those small photo stickers to paste the images onto the cork. Here you have various options of how you can add the images onto the board – you can use double-sided tape, thumbtacks, glue for more permanent items or pins, whatever you prefer.

3. Now you just need to find a space to hang your new inspiration board! Easy as that!

Inspiration board


Rope basket

Here is another idea if you have plenty of scraps of material that you want to use instead of throwing away – make a basket. All you have to buy additionally if you don’t have it at home, is rope. I used cotton rope that is about 6mm thick, but you can decide.

Gather all the material that you have available, and then cut them into strips of similar size. Then the work starts! For the complete tutorial please visit this website:

Rope basket final







Just a hint, if some of the material you are using frays a lot, just fold over the edge before twirling it, this will help. The more rope you use, the bigger your basket will get. My basket came out quite big, approximately 50cm high, so I am able to store all my bags inside it!

Rope basket final 1

Rope basket inside