More soup please…

I received a soup set from my parents which they bought early on after they got married in the 70’s. The colour of the set has faded over the years, so I decided to repaint the set so that I can also use it. The colour I chose was tuscan red, and I just bought paint specifically for ceramics.

Soup set before








After cleaning all the items, I simply painted each one and let it dry for a while. In total I painted three layers, and it has to stand for a couple of days to dry completely, or it can be baked in the oven. Just follow the instructions of the paint you are using.

Soup set during







Now the set is looking new again and ready for the next bowl of soup!

Soup set after


‘My hart se punt’ cushions

Nowadays many shops are selling cushions with words or sayings on them. These can be quite expensive, so I decided to take some material I didn’t know what to do with, and make two of these ‘words’ cushions.

I used an Afrikaans description that is quite fitting for bedroom cushions: “Jy is my hart se punt” – which just means that you have a special place in my life! I used satin ribbon which I first sew onto the material, and then used some embroidery thread to add blanket stitches around the edges.

'Hart se punt' cushions