Light it up

I was looking for a lamp a while ago, but not just another ordinary lamp. While browsing in an antique store, I stumbled upon this piece, and bought it for R150. I instantly saw its potential:


The lamp stands approximately 40cm high, a nice height to fill a space. I bought some nice stripe material to spruce it up a bit, as well as rope and polestyrine balls. The idea was to change the lamp base as well so that the top and bottom balanced better.

For the lamp shade, I cut and then glued the material onto the existing shade. For the base, I cut the polestyrine balls in half, hollowed them out a bit, and then place the two halves around the base. There is no need to glue them together again, as the rope will hold everything together.

I started at the bottom of the base and glued the rope onto the base, working my way up. When reaching the balls, I used hot glue to make sure the rope will stay in place. As you can see, the rope covered the base and the balls nicely.

Lamp new

Lamp shade base


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