Heart of the home

I find that fairy lights adds a bit of magic to any room or area where they are hanged. There was a spot in our kitchen that needed just a bit extra light, and I decided to make use of an unused string of fairy lights to brighten it up a bit!

By taking some wire and shaping it into the form of a heart, I twirled the string of lights around the wire heart. To hide the green wire, I used some leftover ribbon and wrapped it all around the exposed string. But something was still missing…it needed some colour.

So I made some small flowers out of leftover felt, using a small shiny bead at the centre of each flower, and then glued these onto the fairy light heart. This made quite the difference, and this is what the final product looks like:

Fairylight heart flowers  ???????????????????????????????


Pretty little pictures

I would just like to share an idea of a way to display many small pictures, paintings or artwork together, without having to hammer a number of nails into the wall!

If you have an empty bookcase or display case, this is great for this purpose. The small items can be displayed for everyone to enjoy and look at, without all the holes in the wall!

Shelf with images 2

Light it up

I was looking for a lamp a while ago, but not just another ordinary lamp. While browsing in an antique store, I stumbled upon this piece, and bought it for R150. I instantly saw its potential:


The lamp stands approximately 40cm high, a nice height to fill a space. I bought some nice stripe material to spruce it up a bit, as well as rope and polestyrine balls. The idea was to change the lamp base as well so that the top and bottom balanced better.

For the lamp shade, I cut and then glued the material onto the existing shade. For the base, I cut the polestyrine balls in half, hollowed them out a bit, and then place the two halves around the base. There is no need to glue them together again, as the rope will hold everything together.

I started at the bottom of the base and glued the rope onto the base, working my way up. When reaching the balls, I used hot glue to make sure the rope will stay in place. As you can see, the rope covered the base and the balls nicely.

Lamp new

Lamp shade base