Hush little baby

Baby quilts are quick and easy to make. The nice thing about making your own quilt as a gift is that it will become a very special gift for a very special little person. One of a kind, made with love.

Below are two images, the one on the left was made for a boy and the one on the right was made for my sister’s baby girl.

Quilts are kept for a very long time and can be passed from generation to generation…the perfect gift to last a lifetime.

Quilt for baby boy

Quilt for baby boy

Quilt for a baby

Quilt for a baby



Good day for a picnic

What to do with a whole bunch of scrap material?  Make a quilt off course! I had an assortment of material pieces, or off cuts, left and wanted to do something with them. The pieces were all colours of the rainbow, and therefore a picnic quilt was the perfect solution.

Picnics are fun, relaxed and colourful so this blanket would fit right in. I started off by making similar sized blocks of various off cuts, which I then sowed together to make long strips. These were then sowed together to form a large block. I used plain red material for the back – the material is a bit thicker to withstand the use on grass. Some thin batting was used in-between the layers to provide some cushioning.

The end product is a very colourful scrappy picnic quilt!

Picnic quilt