Damask napkins repurposed into scatter cushions

I inherited four of my mother’s damask napkins that my grandmother gave to her when she and my dad were just married. These napkins have been in my cupboard for a while and I never quite knew what to do with them. They are quite old and I did not really want to use them for everyday use, I wanted to do something special. That is when I thought of making pillowcases out of them.

Each napkin is approximately 45x45cm, so they are just the right size for a pillowcase. Before sewing the napkins together, I hand-stitched some pretty beads to the front of the pillowcase, just to add some life to the white. I only had to buy two zippers, the rest of the items I already had. If you don’t have beads, some ribbon or embroidery thread could also be used to decorate.

This is what the end products looked like…a nice addition to our bedroom!


If you would like some more ideas on what to do with unused napkins, visit my Pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/bohemianchix/napkin-ideas-repurpose-and-reuse/


Hanging pretty little things

Do you maybe have a coat hanger in the house that you are not using? A nice idea is to use it for displaying pretty little things that are too small to hang alone on the wall. Ideas include hearts on strings, old-fashion hand-fans, strings of beads, scarves, ribbons, necklaces…basically anything that can be hung!

Here is what I did with our unused coat hanger:


Have fun!