Repurpose an old log as mosaic candleholder

My husband and I were cutting some branches one day, and while we were busy I got the idea to make something pretty and useful for the house with some of these logs. I thought of making a candle holder out of the log, as it was nice and long and would look great as a centrepiece.

So my husband helped, quite innovatively with a drill and drill bit, to make some shallow circles in the log:

Holes drilled into log

I then looked through my box with mosaic tiles, and found a bunch of blue tiles that needed to be used…so I cut them all up to paste onto the log:

Mosaic tiles for the log

I sanded down the log here and there, but kept it quite rough and natural. The three holes I smoothed a bit more, to ensure that the candles will remain level once they are placed in the holes. After preparing the log, the fun part starts! Choose whichever mosaic tiles you want to use, and cover the entire log with it. This is what the end product looks like:

???????????????????????????????         ???????????????????????????????

If you need more advice send me a comment! Try it and post a picture when you are done!


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